7 Amazing Shiva Chants/Songs

Here’s LWP’s recommendations for chants, mantras and songs of Lord Shiva curated by us from YouTube. Each one is different in style and mesmerizingly wonderful in its own way.

Recipe: Summer Chickpea and Mint Salad

A wholesome chickpea and mint salad with a honey-yogurt-lime dressing to give you that boost of nutrition while leaving you feeling light on hot summer days.

The Spiritual Foundations of Ayurveda

Shruti Bakshi and Subhash Kak uncover a new perspective on Ayurveda’s spiritual basis. An heretofore unexplored link sheds light on Ayurveda’s profound connection with the process of life and provides a deeper understanding about the ‘science of life’.

Yoga and Pranayama to Keep You Cool Through Summer

As the summer heat rises and air-conditioning gets a disapproving look from doctors (for being dehydrating among other things), it’s simple yoga and pranayama to the rescue. Restore your calm and cool with these easy exercises recommended by LWP.

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part VI

In Part VI: The Indian Aesthetic in an Age of War, Subhash Kak discusses how the Indian way, with its focus on transcendence can help modern society find a harmony of body and soul. A story from the Puranas serves as an apt metaphor.

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part V

In Part V: Krishna’s Dance, Subhash Kak explains how the stories of Krishna, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, reflect a harmony between materiality and spirit.

Social Media in a Spiritual Context

‘Spirituality’ and ‘social media’ are two words that don’t naturally sit well together for most people. In fact they would more likely be used in the same sentence only to point out the inverse relationship between the two in terms of popularity. But I’m here to put forth a very different view. I believe that social media, while it has wreaked havoc on human minds in many ways, also holds the potential to facilitate our spiritual evolution. Here’s why.

Recipe: Ginger Jam

This delightful South Indian grandmother’s recipe from Megala’s Kitchen is all about simple Ayurvedic wellness!

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part III

In Part III: Temples and Gods, Subhash Kak explains how ancient Hindu temples were designed to reflect the cosmos. The representation of the cosmos simultaneously at the level of the universe and the individual, was meant to facilitate the devotee’s spiritual transformation.

Tantra and Yoga

An interesting analysis of the influences of the tantrik tradition on modern yoga.

When Gautama became the Buddha

Buddha Purnima reminds us of our highest purpose, to realise our true Buddha nature. Read about Gautama’s enlightenment and what other spiritual masters had to say about the Buddha.