Recipe: Vegetarian Eggs on Toast!

This recipe is to make sure veggies don’t miss out on the yumminess of scrambled eggs on toast! It’s a remarkably simple cheese-on-toast – the Indian way!

Yoga and the Environment

David Frawley reflects on the crucial role of Yoga in restoring our lost connection with nature. Concerned with the balance of the body and mind, Yoga and Ayurveda can also help us restore ecological balance and respect for other life on the planet- an urgent need of the hour.

Baba Ramdev’s tips for beating the heat

Famous yoga and Ayurveda guru and founder of the popular Ayurvedic food brand Patanjali Ayurved, Baba Ramdev offers some wisdom for keeping your cool while boosting your health. All you need is the right food, drink and pranayama.

Recipe: Summer Chickpea and Mint Salad

A wholesome chickpea and mint salad with a honey-yogurt-lime dressing to give you that boost of nutrition while leaving you feeling light on hot summer days.

The Spiritual Foundations of Ayurveda

Shruti Bakshi and Subhash Kak uncover a new perspective on Ayurveda’s spiritual basis. An heretofore unexplored link sheds light on Ayurveda’s profound connection with the process of life and provides a deeper understanding about the ‘science of life’.

Yoga and Pranayama to Keep You Cool Through Summer

As the summer heat rises and air-conditioning gets a disapproving look from doctors (for being dehydrating among other things), it’s simple yoga and pranayama to the rescue. Restore your calm and cool with these easy exercises recommended by LWP.

Recipe: Ginger Jam

This delightful South Indian grandmother’s recipe from Megala’s Kitchen is all about simple Ayurvedic wellness!

Recipe: Grilled Indian Cheese & Veggie Platter

For all you veggies looking for a break from the usual fare and the meat-eaters who think veggie food can’t be tasty, here’s a delicious and nutritious, yet incredibly simple recipe to try! It’s perfect for a light Sunday evening dinner with some plain rice and daal (lentil soup) or as a starter when you have guests to impress. Just make sure you have at least an hour of marination time on your hands!

It’s all in your hands, literally (Mudras and more)

In yogic practices, the hands are a very important part of the body. They are the part of the body where the inner energy field can usually be most easily felt. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the hands so special.

Are veggies living-wiser?

Growing up in a primarily vegetarian country like India, mealtimes right from my childhood days were a diverse affair – sometimes a grandparent would not eat processed rice, sometimes a friend would not eat any meat, sometimes my mother would only eat fruits, sometimes an aunt would not eat garlic or onion and sometimes an uncle would…

What does your mind eat?

Here’s a challenge: at the end of the day, try and recall everything you ate that day, including that stray chip and biscuit. For most people, this requires some effort. Now here’s an even more difficult challenge: can you recall what your mind ate? That might seem like a strange question but just like your…

Natural ‘miracle’ drink for the flu

If you’re like me, then you know that two things are certain every year – taxes and at least one bad bout of the flu (which is basically your body paying taxes in a way). It usually creeps up when the weather is changing from cold to hot or vice versa. And it always creeps up…