7 Amazing Shiva Chants/Songs

Here’s LWP’s recommendations for chants, mantras and songs of Lord Shiva curated by us from YouTube. Each one is different in style and mesmerizingly wonderful in its own way.

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part VI

In Part VI: The Indian Aesthetic in an Age of War, Subhash Kak discusses how the Indian way, with its focus on transcendence can help modern society find a harmony of body and soul. A story from the Puranas serves as an apt metaphor.

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part V

In Part V: Krishna’s Dance, Subhash Kak explains how the stories of Krishna, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, reflect a harmony between materiality and spirit.

Art, Cosmology and the Divine | Part III

In Part III: Temples and Gods, Subhash Kak explains how ancient Hindu temples were designed to reflect the cosmos. The representation of the cosmos simultaneously at the level of the universe and the individual, was meant to facilitate the devotee’s spiritual transformation.

Tantra and Yoga

An interesting analysis of the influences of the tantrik tradition on modern yoga.

When Gautama became the Buddha

Buddha Purnima reminds us of our highest purpose, to realise our true Buddha nature. Read about Gautama’s enlightenment and what other spiritual masters had to say about the Buddha.

How the 4 yogas are the same

I’ve recently been pondering over the fact of the different spiritual paths in the yogic system, namely: Jnana yoga (knowledge/meditation), Bhakti yoga (devotion), Karma yoga (right action) and Kriya yoga (control of breath/life energy/prana). These paths correspond to the 4 aspects of a human being (in same order as above): mind, emotion, body and life…

“And now, yoga” ~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: Introduction

For anyone serious about exploring yoga as a spiritual process, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is both an indispensable guidebook and an unparalleled repository of knowledge. In just 195 sutras or verses (each verse being usually a single line or couplet), Patanjali has said everything that can be said about yoga as a spiritual possibility. In fact,…