7 Amazing Shiva Chants/Songs

Here’s LWP’s recommendations for chants, mantras and songs of Lord Shiva curated by us from YouTube. Each one is different in style and mesmerizingly wonderful in its own way.

Yoga and Pranayama to Keep You Cool Through Summer

As the summer heat rises and air-conditioning gets a disapproving look from doctors (for being dehydrating among other things), it’s simple yoga and pranayama to the rescue. Restore your calm and cool with these easy exercises recommended by LWP.

How to begin yoga

So, you’ve heard a lot about yoga and maybe even tried a class or two to see what all the fuss is about. But somewhere deep down, you don’t really think it is for you. Usual reasons include any or all of the following: I felt no burn, this yoga is clearly useless…or maybe better…