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Message From a Himalayan Yogi – Watch Your Karma

In the video below (~30 mins), Himalayan yogi Ishaputra Kaulantaknath (Kaulantak Peethadheeshwar Maha Yogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj) explains the law of karma in simple, practical terms. The video (recorded in Sweden) is in Hindi so for those who don’t understand Hindi or those who would rather read than watch, here is a brief summary of what the yogi explains about the kinds of karma.

The 3 types of Karma

Yogi Ishaputra explains the types of Karma through a simple example. Suppose there is a sporting match happening in your town.

Karma: You favour one side and want your side to win.

A-karma: You don’t mind which side wins. You still go to watch the match and enjoy it but are not concerned about the outcome.

Vikarma: You vent your dislike of the opposing side by hurling curses or abuse or in the extreme, you try to ensure the other side loses by adopting underhanded tactics.

Whether you do Karma or Vikarma, you will reap the consequences of those actions, good or bad.

The yogi’s way is to follow A-karma – just being the witness (sakshi) but not tying oneself to any intention, good or bad. Watch (witness) your karma and it will not be karma anymore.

Ishaputra Kaulantaknath also gives the example of a love relationship. When we want someone to love us, we are acting out of certain needs we perceive we have – we want someone with certain features (money, looks, etc) to be in our life. We are creating Karma. When the relationship goes sour or breaks, we often hurl abuse (silently or openly) at the erstwhile object of our affection. We’re creating Vikarma and we’re bound to face negative consequences in some shape or form. Love shouldn’t be something we seek from someone or something but something we hold within ourselves for everyone and everything we encounter.

Karma and Vikarma don’t allow us to see the beauty of life – as it is. Our own projections, wants, needs and intentions cloud this harmony that naturally ‘is’.

Ishaputra’s message: Wherever in the world you may live, live as a yogi. Act with wisdom and be not attached to the fruits of action.



“Siddha masters of Kaulantak Peeth who act behind the veils are the source of knowledge and energies which through various yogis, sadhus, scholars et. al spread the message of Himalaya and Kaulantak Peeth in the common world. Siddha masters of Kaulantak Peeth are known for extreme penance. Fasting and practicing tapa until the very limits of body. Withstanding extreme heat, cold, rain, wild animals, shortage of food and water, loneliness, and many unsaid miseries.” Read more about Ishaputra.

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  1. What I can infer from the video is exactly in line with what Sadhguru or Osho has been saying ,” Karma -whether good or bad – will be a hindrance to liberation . Don’t be judgemental, don’t get involved with situation -Just be an observer”.

  2. Francis Addae

    please i need a better understanding of karma and of that I am a christian but i need the knowledge of it

    • Hi there. It doesn’t matter what religion you are to understand karma. In short, karma means that any action we take will produce a consequence and we should be aware of the potential impact of the action before taking it.
      We create karma through actions we take or even thoughts we think. Whatever karma we create will need to somehow be lived out in this or future lifetimes unless we take to the spiritual path and do not want more lifetimes – then our spiritual practices under the guidance of a guru or teacher, will ensure we do not accumulate further karma and are free of old karmas too.
      Hope that is a little helpful.
      For further knowledge you can watch Sadhguru’s videos:

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