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How LWP began


In my decade in the corporate world in some of the world’s top cities like London and Paris, what I witnessed overwhelmingly around me was a lot of stress and anxiety. Growing up in India, I was always somewhat aware of its spiritual traditions but thought them all toooo esoteric. Yet it intrigued me that Indian yogis had always asserted that life was supposed to be blissful. I became determined to find out what these yogis were talking about and what they knew that I didn’t!

Long story short (for the longer story of my personal spiritual journey see my book, From Dior to Dharma), I discovered something wholly amazing, a way of looking at life that I felt an urge to share with people. What was a personal blog has grown into a popular platform with contributors from all over the world and different walks of life.

LWP is not about religious beliefs, political agendas or philosophical grandstanding – it is only about timeless wisdom plus inspirational and wellness related content (from yoga to mindfulness to travel to healthy eating and more). Read: More About LWP.

Why your help is needed


For over a year, I have invested my full time, love and financial resources into LWP, creating around 100 original blog posts. In addition, I have spent countless hours on technical aspects of the website, on editing other writers’ articles, managing the platform’s social media feeds, spreading the word about LWP on other platforms, creating weekly newsletters and sourcing and creating content (writings, videos, design, images, quotes, etc). Website hosting, development and social media advertising etc. have so far all been personally funded. I’m also grateful to friends and family who have provided so much help and support for LWP over the last year.

To continue to devote the necessary time and money required to sustain and develop the platform further, it needs resources that I cannot myself provide.

LWP is not a regular media venture that can be monetised or obtain funding by allowing the invariable compromise on content or frivolous marketing tactics. Therefore I feel that community contributions are the best way of funding this project.

Read more about the expected costs involved in this project.

The take-away 


If you feel like this project brings value to you and others, then please contribute whatever you feel. Please also spread the word to friends so they can contribute too if they wish. If you live in India and would like to make a one-off contribution by PayTM, see here.

With your financial support, we can keep up this effort so that the light of wisdom can touch each person on the planet, raising consciousness, encouraging personal transformation, dissolving stress and making Truth contagious again!

Sincerest thanks!


Shruti Bakshi,
Founder, LivingWise Project





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Shruti Bakshi

Shruti Bakshi is the Founder of the LivingWise Project. She has worked for several years in banking and financial services in London, Paris and Mumbai and holds an MBA (INSEAD) and MPhil in Finance (Cambridge). Shruti writes about life at the intersection of spirituality and modern society. Her debut novel ‘From Dior to Dharma’ was released in May 2017.

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