Month: February 2018

  • The Wisdom of the Sages (Mooji)

    "..we know in these times, the lives of Sri Ramana Maharshi or Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj or Papaji, they pointed out the truth in the most direct way, an ancient wisdom that had also sprouted here in India but remained dormant until the great sage Adi Shankara revived interest in the path of Advaita—the non-dual path to Self-realisation. These great masters continue to shine the light and grace of this perfect understanding, and many many beings have thus come into the light for themselves." Read more of the transcript of an excerpt of Mooji's talk at satsang in Rishikesh in March 2016.

  • Seeking Shiva on Mahashivratri

    "The distinction between “with qualities” and "without qualities” does not exist in Him; He’s beyond both attachment and non-attachment; Stainless, He’s beyond all forms. He’s beyond both qualities and the absence of qualities; Though formless, He’s the substance of all forms. So how can I worship that Shiva, who exists everywhere, like space!" - Avadhuta Gita | Exploring the significance of Mahashivratri (the darkest night of the year), for seeking Shiva.

  • How to Survive – and Thrive – in a Startup

    The start-up world is the latest attraction for young professionals but once they're in, many struggle to cope with the heavy demands of long hours and tremendous agility and drive. Nora von Ingersleben-Seip gives an insider's account of what it's like to work at a start-up and ways to not only cope with its many challenges, but to also thrive in it.