Category: Gurus

  • Osho on Sanskrit

    "The Sanskrit language is called DEVAVANI – the divine language. And it certainly is divine in the sense because it is the most poetic and the most musical language. Each word has a music around it, a certain aroma". Read more of what spiritual master Osho had to say about the Sanskrit language.

  • On Swami Vivekananda and His Search for God

    “The natural tendency of Vivekananda’s mind, like that of his Master, Ramakrishna, was to soar above the world and forget itself in contemplation of the Absolute. But another part of his personality bled at the sight of human suffering in East and West alike.” – Swami Nikhilananda Here's a brief account of the life of Swami Vivekananda and the incident of his meeting with his guru Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa that proved to be the major turning point in Vivekananda's life.

  • The Face of Grace, Ramana Maharshi

    "Let the world bother about its reality or falsehood. First find out about your own reality. Then all things become clear" - Sri Ramana Maharshi A small tribute to the sage of Arunachala on his 138th birth anniversary (jayanthi).

  • What is Dharma?

    Dharma is perhaps the most important term in the culture and spiritual philosophy of India but also perhaps the most difficult to understand. It is roughly understood as the law that upholds or the law of life. This explanation by Swami Krishnananda (Divine Life Society) illuminates its real meaning.

  • What really is Om?

    Advaita master Sri HWL Poonja ji (1910-1997) explains the power and significance of Om, the primordial sound. He also recounts an incident when he was challenged by a French Cardinal who insisted that light came before sound.

  • Where Science and Metaphysics Fall Short

    Sri Aurobindo's words on the limitations of science and metaphysics in explaining the world. As he writes, "Metaphysics seeks to tell us What the Universe is and Why it is; in other words to explain the Inexplicable; but the end of this process is inevitably a juggling with words which must repel all clear-minded thinkers". The approach of Hinduism is altogether different.

  • Ramana Maharshi on Birthdays

    Should we be happy to remember our birth day or sorry for it? These wise words of Sri Ramana Maharshi (or Bhagavan as he was called by his disciples), show a different perspective and make one think about whether being reborn into 'samsara' life should really be a celebration or rather be a reminder for us to enquire into our real nature.