In one line only – How Can We Live Better Lives?


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    Shruti Bakshi

    I’ll start this off with my one line reply:

    By remembering that we are mortal as often as we can.

    Share you thoughts – in one line only!

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    Rahul Yuvi

    By just ” Being Human ” and remembering

    “Whatever that you are in quest for through years of Meditation, is exactly what resides in the person standing next to you ” -Osho

    It’s better explained in Hindi as :

    ” Apne andar chupe jis Param aatma se milne ke liye tum saalon se meditation kar rahe ho ,samne wale insaan mein bhi wahi param aatma rehte hain ” -Osho

    Sorry for taking liberty and writing two instead of one line.

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    Beloo Mehra

    By remembering to be grateful for all that Life gives us, and especially for all which it doesn’t give, because that’s how we will find within an aspiration to develop greater equanimity.

    One sentence, though more than one line 🙂

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    Shruti Bakshi

    So true and such beautiful wisdom Rahul and Beloo! 🙂❤️

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    We can better our lives by just remaining in the soul conscious state and automatically we shall know what to do 🙂

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