Tag: Inspiration

  • When Everest Called

    In this exclusive series for LWP, Rohit Kumar describes his experiences of scaling not only the treacherous external terrain, but also the inner, slippery one. A good foothold on the rocks requires a good foothold in one's inner being that provides the resilience and humility to journey on. And as with life, it is not about the destination but the journey on which one often meets people that inspire and humble us.

  • What 6 months of yoga and meditation has done for me

    IT's been about six months since I started practising yoga and meditation regularly. For most people, it's something that has weaved in and out of their lives over many years and many actually got into it quite early in life. But for me, it was just something I got into quite all-of-a-sudden and that too in my early 30s and so far have consistently stuck with it. I thought that this milestone calls for some stock-taking to see what changes my practice has brought in me. Here's the top 3 immediately obvious ones.