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  • Why Science & Religion May Not be Adversaries

    Are science and religion necessarily competitors or can they be complimentary? Author of 3 popular books on Indian mythology and a doctor by profession, Dr Vineet Aggarwal shares his thoughts on the topic. Indeed when one studies the ancient scriptures deeply, one is often astounded by the scientific knowledge one finds.

  • Indian Monk Says to Rise Above Thought and Reason (Swami Vivekananda)

    Are there limits to our reason or is reason all we must rely on? Swami Vivekanda said: "The really difficult part to understand is that this state, the Absolute, which has been called the highest, is not, as some fear, that of the zoophite, or of the stone. That would be a dangerous thing to think. According to these thinkers there are only two states of existence, one of the stone, and the other of thought. What right have they to limit existence to these two? Is there not something infinitely superior to thought?" Read more in the article.