Tag: Sri Aurobindo

  • Where Science and Metaphysics Fall Short

    Sri Aurobindo's words on the limitations of science and metaphysics in explaining the world. As he writes, "Metaphysics seeks to tell us What the Universe is and Why it is; in other words to explain the Inexplicable; but the end of this process is inevitably a juggling with words which must repel all clear-minded thinkers". The approach of Hinduism is altogether different.

  • Guru’s Words on ‘Guruvada’ – Part I

    "I had the same kind of violent objection to Gurugiri, but you see I was obliged by the irony of things or rather by the inexorable truth behind them to become a Guru and preach the Guruvada.” - Sri Aurobindo What is a Guru? In light of current events, it appears Indians desperately need to dig deeper into their spiritual traditions to understand this. Beloo Mehra's insightful exposition drawing on the insights and wisdom of Sri Aurobindo makes for a must-read in this regard.

  • Primal Divergence : A Contrast of Cultures (Part-2)

    Part 2 of the series in which Ganesh Varadharajan​ explores the limitations of modern science that follows in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks and is not able to grasp the evolution of successive conditions of energy as expounded in Indian thought systems like the Sankhya philosophy. Western pop culture portrays the next stage in the evolution of man as a brutish being, with the idea of beauty of form as emphasised by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, being completely disregarded.

  • Be Simple

    “One must be spontaneous in order to be divine. One must be perfectly simple in order to be spontaneous. One must be absolutely sincere in order to be perfectly simple. To be absolutely sincere is not to have any division, any contradiction in one’s being.”

  • Details of the Infinite

    Beloo Mehra walks us through the beauty and divinity of an Indian temple which is but an outer representation of the temple within. The sublimity of the Sun Temple at Modhera (Gujarat, India) comes alive in the lyrical prose and beautiful images infused with inspiration from Sri Aurobindo.