This Month’s Picks

The Face of Grace, Ramana Maharshi

14 April 2019 marks the MahaNirvana anniversary day of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Sharing a tribute to this great sage and Master on this auspicious ocassion. Read here.

In the Name of Rama (Chanting Ram Naam)

On the occasion of Rama Navami (birthday of Lord Rama), let’s take a look at the spiritual practice of chanting “Ram Naam” (the name of Rama) which has the power to elevate consciousness. The devotee poet and saint Tulsidas (16th century) claimed it to be the ‘supreme secret’. Read more.

Yoga and Pranayama to Keep You Cool Through Summer

Have you tried these cooling yogic techniques? Read on.

Navdurga: the 9 Forms of Durga

The auspicious occasion of (Chaitra) Navratri, the 9 days of the Divine Mother, Durga, falls this month. The 9 days represent 9 forms of Devi or Shakti. Read about them here.

108 Names of Devi (Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih)

Also on the occasion of Navratri, let’s listen in to this divinely beautiful rendition of the 108 names of Devi. See more.

The Yogic Meaning of Hanuman

This month we also have Hanuman Jayanti. Perfect time for revisiting Vedic scholar Dr David Frawley’s insightful examination of the yogic meaning of Hanuman. Read.

Baba Ramdev’s Tips for Beating the Heat

Here’s a few quick tips on what to and what not to consume this summer. Read.

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