The LivingWise Project

The LivingWise Project is a Wisdom + Wellness portal sharing knowledge from ancient wisdom traditions. The inner tools for self-discovery and true well-being are brought forward in a relatable way for our modern age.

About The LivingWise Project

The LivingWise Project was started as a volunteer initiative with the aim of creating a more conscious and joyful society.

To achieve this, the Project focuses on 3 main areas:

1. Consciousness: imparting knowledge and tools from yoga, Vedanta and other systems for raising human consciousness

2. Environment: raising awareness about the environment and ecological issues

3. Creativity: promoting creative expression to enhance the individual experience of life

About Shruti Bakshi


Shruti has worked as a finance professional in London, Paris and Australia.

MBA, INSEAD (France) | MPhil Finance, Cambridge University | certified Hatha Yoga instructor from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy (Kerala, India)





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