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HeartWords is a collection of poems evoking the joy of being, and the beauty and depth of Life perceived in its wholeness.

In the words of spiritual Master Mooji:

“Shruti Bakshi’s poems seem to flow effortlessly from some ambrosial spring within her…One finds oneself sweetly captivated by their mystical beauty and spiritual depth. Each poem is a love seed coming to life inside the garden of the heart.”

Through Maya’s story, From Dior to Dharma contemplates the human condition in modern society in which we are egged on to chase the ‘next big thing’ only to find it doesn’t hold the everlasting happiness that was promised. Maya’s transition from Dior to Dharma describes in intimate rawness, the inner struggles and seeking of one who has outgrown a life fixated on attaining material goodies and is looking for answers about life and purpose.

From Dior to Dharma brings out many deep truths from the spiritual traditions in an authentic and immediately relatable way. Penetrating insights into life are refreshingly shared against the backdrop of Maya’s travels – from the Parisian metro or the Redwood forests to the busy streets of Delhi or an ashram in Kerala.

When it was released in 2017, the novel received instant acclaim and interest from national book clubs.
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The modern conundrum: we’re the most affluent and comfortable generation in history but we’re also struggling more than ever with anxiety and depression. In this easy-to-read guide full of ancient wisdom that is seamlessly woven into modern themes, many of the issues we face in work and life are dealt with using the insight and tools of yoga.

Yoga, Work & Life, a collection of personal essays and reflections by Shruti Bakshi, presents some of the profound wisdom of yogis, saints, seers and ancient texts in a simple and relatable way. The book provides an introductory overview of yoga and meditation and introduces the spiritual wisdom of India as applicable to different aspects of work and life – referencing the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to those of spiritual masters of more recent times. 

Yoga, Work & Life takes a piercing look at many of the issues we face in modern times – from trying to find our purpose to deciding the right basis for action. It is a must-read for anyone with a curious and open mind. 
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Specially curated nuggets of timeless wisdom & freshly squeezed inspiration from modern life. The LivingWise Project brings you authentic knowledge of Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Meditation, Nature, Culture and more.
This issue contains the following articles + wise & inspirational quotes:
BREATHE & LET IT R.A.I.N. – mindfulness to the rescue
HARMONY OF MATTER & SPIRIT – relevance of the Indian aesthetic
5 YOGA & AYURVEDA HACKS FOR WINTER – natural wellness support
BLISSFUL IN BANGKOK -a sanctuary of peace discovered on a Bangkok hill
5 DAYS OF DIWALI – lighting up from within
REMEMBERING ANNAPURNA – a personal memoir, for one who fed the stomach & soul
“OM” IN PARIS – learning yoga with the French
AT THE ISHA YOGA CENTRE – a spiritual travelogue
In a modern society reeling with stress, depression, uncertainties, doubts and other challenges, LWP’s mission is to enable people to transform themselves so that they can lead happier and wiser lives. This cannot be done through feel-good mantras or motivational talks, but only through raising consciousness. LWP shares knowledge about the methods and inner tools for true well-being that every person on the planet needs to know about, now more than ever before.