“Life of Ease & Flow” Sessions – with Shruti Bakshi


“Life coaching sounds like hard work.

How about ease and life Wisdom”

For over 10 years, I worked in the high-powered environments of investment banking and consulting at some of the world’s leading institutions. Exceptional achievements marked the academic and professional life, but leaving a feeling of incomplete-ness. 


What I came to see through my life experience is that life requires not only a competence in action and the impact that can be made in the world, but also an inner understanding and profoundness of experience.


The state of one’s inner climate determines whether our functioning in the world will be friction-free, light and joyous or difficult. “You” are the most important factor in your life; the rest– career, relationships, etc follow on the basis of your attunement to your inner resources and true Being. 

Knowing Yourself – the Key


With years of intensive immersion in yoga, meditation and ancient wisdom teachings like Vedanta and Zen, deeper insights into life came to be known in my own journey.


 In modern education, we are seldom taught about the nature of our mind and body and how best to manage them. We are not given tools to access our inherent wisdom and intuition. It is with wisdom that our minds can find their proper orientation and flow. Wisdom is in each of us and only has to be unlocked. 


In the sessions, I may share from a range of tools, techniques (including yoga/meditation/pranayama) and perspectives to help you connect with the intuitive flow of your life. I have been sharing this knowledge and wisdom through the LivingWise Project blog and newsletters since 2016 and the sessions are a more practical application and extension of this wisdom prompted by the requests for guidance I often receive from friends and readers of the blog.



You are welcome to get in touch by filling in the contact form to schedule a free 30 minute session.


Further sessions may then be arranged. 

Best wishes,



*sessions are conducted via Zoom

Note: I am not a psychologist or medical professional and nothing of what I share through the website or sessions is to be treated as medical advice or diagnosis.



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