Ram Mandir: Through Tears of Sorrow & Bhakti

Rama, King of hearts, is coming once again to Ayodhya.

Rama as the Sun, ushers in the inner light of consciousness. In a country where Sanatana Dharma beautifully integrates the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, the establishing of Rama’s presence in Ayodhya after 500 long years of struggle, is hopefully a sign of a civilisational awakening and a cultural renaissance that is long overdue. Being under foreign rule for several centuries and even after independence in 1947, Bharat has not had a chance to craft a cultural or national narrative and take forward the legacy of its glorious past.

I haven’t posted very regularly on this blog of late but couldn’t resist saying something on the momentous occasion of the pranpratishtha at the new Rama mandir in Ayodhya. Especially when one reads of the great sacrifices of our forefathers who bled in millions for their country and faith, one realises one’s good fortune and concomitantly, responsibility in taking forward the light, the right ideas, the dharma, not only for Bharat, but all of humanity.

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