The Mechanics of Love (view from the Upanishads)

The Lord of the Universe wants to come and live in your houseif you accept He will see through your eyesHe will hear through your earsHe will speak with your tongueif you accept You will have nothing but the knowing that He is in you as you – to follow my Instagram poetry account click here: @shruti.heartwords “…everything in …

Swami Vivekananda’s Message for India

“This is the land from whence, like the tidal waves, spirituality and philosophy have again and again rushed out and deluged the world, and this is the land from whence once more such tides must proceed in order to bring life and vigour into the decaying races of mankind. It is the same India which has withstood the shocks of centuries, of hundreds of foreign invasions, of hundreds of upheavals of manners and customs. It is the same land which stands firmer than any rock in the world, with its undying vigour, indestructible life. Its life is of the same nature as the soul, without beginning and without end, immortal; and we are the children of such a country.” – Swami Vivekananda. Read more about his work and wisdom.