wp-1478692655056.jpgShruti Bakshi, MBA, MPhil

Shruti is a former investment banker and consultant who enjoys writing about life at the intersection of spiritualiy, modern society and the corporate world. She has lived and worked in Mumbai, London and Paris.

Stumbling into Life is Shruti’s first novel, drawing on observations from her own life and those around her. The book which reflects the human condition in modern society, is inspired by the teachings of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation.

The Living-Wise Project is her attempt to merge the knowledge from her Indian heritage, with modern life and its attendant stresses and strains but also vast opportunities for creativity, travel and experience.

In addition to her interest in finance and economics, Shruti is passionate about yoga, art, music, travel, food and spirituality.

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