Don’t Hallucinate, Just Meditate!

Disclaimer: I write based on my spiritual experience and not on acquired spiritual knowledge. I may be very ignorant about many technicalities of meditation, correct postures, correct timings, correct food etc. but of late, I prefer ‘actually practicing meditation’ than merely reading books or watching videos. Continuing in this way for a period of time, I eventually came to be a hundred percent sure that the only way out is in and that there is much to explore.

 And when I say ‘much’, believe me, I am not exaggerating.


Those of you who have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time now, will be able to relate very well to what I am going to write while the others, I request you to please try to understand the essence of this post.

See, there are some very sensitive and ambiguous issues/thoughts, which have to be understood clearly for people who are practising meditation, to avoid going haywire. Even though meditation is essentially an individual journey and each one has his/her share of unique experiences, there are certain changes that start happening inside our body once we start meditating, which are kind of common and hence can be dealt with in certain general ways.

Here I will be talking about one such issue –  how while on our spiritual journey, many of us end up in our very own hallucinatory, fairy-taled and largely false world  of magic, mysticism and imagination.

For instance, we have all often heard stories about how during meditation we will see a bright yellow/blue light, followed by spells of mysterious visuals which you can loosely refer to as magical, how you will end up hearing the AUM cosmic sound and then after a few months/ years, there will be fireworks after which your third eye will open and your Kundalini will be awakened etc etc etc .

Please try to understand, there is absolutely nothing so ‘magical.’ Our unfortunate unawareness and unconsciousness about these things make them look magical. It’s exactly how a child reacts when he sees a tube light switched on for the first time, it’s kind of magic for him and hence the bewilderedness.

I am neither saying that all the above mentioned things don’t happen at all nor am I stating that they actually happen. I am not interested in that argument. Why should I be? How will all these queries, even if answered, help me in my spiritual journey? I am and I should be interested in my own experience only. Who knows, even I might be experiencing something beyond the physical world but I don’t think it will be of any relevance to mention about that here as my experience is only going to help me go further, not you.

Believe only and only what you experience. That’s it. Full stop.

No books, no videos, no guru, just don’t believe anything. Simply sit for meditation and realize the facts yourself. Now that certainly doesn’t mean that these books, videos, or gurus are wrong. In fact there is no harm in being inspired by any of these, but one needs to be conscious of the fact that they might be one hundred percent true or may be not true at all. But it really doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong, whether mystical stories written in some of the most recommended spiritual books are true or not. It’s none of your business. You should be bothered only and only about your own meditative experience because at the end of the day, only your own experience will help you sail through this auspicious path. Even a guru can only show the path, ultimately it’s you who has to walk.

So please, stop creating any pseudo fantasy world around you, the foundation of which is someone else’s experience recorded in literature or visual form. Don’t force your ears to hear any sort of cosmic sound while meditating just because it is written somewhere in some book or because someone else heard the same while meditating. Just don’t expect fireworks. Don’t expect anything. Don’t seek anything.

Then what exactly to do?

My dear friends just meditate and by that I mean just sit and do nothing for those few minutes.

Happy Meditation!


Depending on readers’ feedback on this post, I can discuss other such issues. If you have any other queries, it would be enriching for me to discuss the same with you, after all I too am and will always be on my spiritual journey, because meditation is a journey, not a destination.

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