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How to Act (Yoga Vasishtha)

In this beautiful excerpt from the Yoga Vasishtha, Sage Vasishtha explains to Sri Rama how the wise view action and what is meant by acting in a ‘detached’ way. The understanding of how the yogi is one who allows life to flow in its natural course according to the momentum already in place, is well explained here.

Rama – It is Good

Whether one is wise or ignorant, as long as the body lasts, its functions continue unaltered according to its nature. And the embodied person functions as is appropriate in the world either attached or unattached. The difference between the two lies in the mental dispositions; in the case of the …

Rama, The Lotus-Eyed One

“What effort does a lotus flower need to blossom in the lake? The lotus does not touch the lake even though it lives in lake. Only the legs touch the lake, not the head. So make effort with the legs and no effort with the head and you will see that you will not have any connection or relation with that in which you are living. This samsara is the lake. If you want to live like a lotus, live in the world with no relationship it. Most people are drowned in the lake and are not called a lotus. They are the creepers growing from the bottom. This is a very special method for the few who want to live free of any relationship and yet be involved in relationships totally. This is the secret. If you are aware and if you need it, you can get it, but not otherwise.”

 – HWL Poonja (Papaji)

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