108 Names of Devi (Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih)

The Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih is a hymn reciting the 108 names of the Mother Goddess, Devi or Shakti. As the creative principle, Shakti represents all Manifestation and is its animating power.

This 10-minute divine rendition of the 108 names of Devi is simply beautiful. Lyrics and meanings are included below.

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Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih

 Om Adi-Shaktyai namah  Adi-Shakti = the First/Supreme Shakti
Om Mahadevyai namah Mahadevi = Great Goddess
Om Ambikayai namah Ambika = Mother of the Universe
Om Parmeshwaryai namah Parmeshwar = Highest God/Ruler of the Universe
Om Ishwaryai namah Ishwar = God / the Supreme
Om Anishwaryai namah Anishwar = who is without a higher
Om Yoginyai namah Yogini
Om Sarvebhuteshwaryai namah Sarvebhuteshwar = Ruler of all Existence
Om Jayayai namah Jaya = Victory (transcendence over Maya or illusion)
Om Vijayayai namah Vijaya = Conquerer 
Om Jayantyai namah Jayanti = Victorious One
Om Shambhavyai namah Shambhavi = feminine aspect of Shiva or Shambhu, the Auspicious and Gentle One
Om Shantyai namah Shanti = Great Peace
Om Brahmyai namah Brahmi = Shakti of Brahma (the Creator)
Om Bhramaanda-dhaarinyai namah Bhramaanda-dhaarini = who carries the entire Cosmos
Om Maharoopaayai namah Maharoopa = Great and all-encompassing form
Om Mahamayayai namah Mahamaya = Supreme Power
Om Maaheshwaryai namah Maaheshwari = feminine of Maheshwar (Shiva), the Lord of the Universe
Om Lokrakshinyai namah Lokrakshinyai = Protector of the Worlds
Om Durgayai namah Durga = Invincible One
Om Durgapaarayai namah Durgapaara = Limitless One beyond all
Om Bhakta-chintamanyai namah Bhakta-chintamani = One who shows concern for her devotees
Om Amrutyai namah Amrut = Divine Nectar
Om Siddhyai namah Siddhyai = One who grants perfection/highest attainment
Om Murtyai namah Murtyai = the Greatest Embodiment
Om Sarva-siddhi-pradaayai namah Sarva-siddhi-pradaayai = One who provides all siddhis (great powers, enlightenment)
Om Mantra-murtyai namah Mantra-murti = Embodiment of Mantra (sacred sounds)
Om Mahakaalyai namah Mahakaalyai = Great Kaali, the consort of Mahakaal (Shiva), the Great Time (or Death)
Om Sarva-murti-svaroopinyai namah Sarva-murti-svaroopinyai = Embodiment of all forms
Om Vedmurtyai namah Vedmurtyai = Embodiment of the Vedas
Om Vedbhutyai namah Vedbhutyai = Great Knowledge
Om Vedantayai namah Vedantayai = Embodiment of Vedanta (philosophy of the Vedas)
Om Vyavharinyai namah Vyavharini = Great Reality (relative reality)
Om Anaghayai namah Anagha = Pure/Sinless One
Om Bhagavatyai namah Bhagavati = God / Granter of Fortunes
Om Raudraayai namah Raudraayai = feminine of Rudra (Shiva), the Fierce One (the ‘roarer’)
Om Rudra-svaroopinyai namah Rudra-svaroopini = who takes the form of Rudra
Om Narayanyai namah Narayanyai = feminine of Narayan (Vishnu), Sustainer of the Universe
Om Narasimhyai namah Narasimhyai = feminine of Narasimha, the half-lion – half-human 4th avatar of Vishnu
Om Nag-yajnopavitanyai namah Nag-yajnopavitanyai = Embodying the sacred thread
Om Shankh-chakra-gadhaa-dhaarinyai namah Shankh-chakra-gadhaadhaarini = Holding the Shankh (conch), Chakra (discus) and Gadhaa (mace), items carried to war
Om Jata-mukut-shobhinyai namah Jata-mukut-shobhinyai = Adorned with thick locks (jata) and a crown (mukut)
Om Apramaanaayai namah Apramaanaayai = for whom there is no proof/evidence perceivable by the mind or senses
Om Pramaanaayai namah Pramaanaayai = for whom there is proof/evidence perceivable by the mind or senses
Om Adimadhyaavasaanaayai namah Adimadhyaavasaanaayai = who causes the impressions of the mind
Om Punyadaayai namah Punyadaayai = Granter of blessings and auspiciousness (punya)
Om Punyopachaarinyai namah Punyopachaarinyai = Auspicious Succour
Om Punyakirtyai namah Punyakirtyai = who causes auspicious actions
Om Stutayai namah Stutayai = the Praised One
Om Vishaalaakshyai namah Vishaalaakshi = One with eyes that see widely (infinitely)
Om Gambhiraayai namah Gambhiraayai = the Unfathomable One
Om Roopanvitaayai namah Roopanvitaayai = One who comes with form (brings form/ manifestation into play)
Om Kaalratryai namah Kaalratri = a fierce form of Durga
Om Analpasiddhyai namah Analpasiddhyai = Generous Granter of Siddhis
Om Kamalaayai namah Kamalaayai = One born of the Lotus
Om Padmavaasinyai namah Padmavaasini = One residing in the Lotus (heart)
Om Mahasaraswatyai namah Mahasaraswati =  Great Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge and arts)
Om Manas-siddhayai namah Manas-siddhayai = One who grants perfections to the mind (enlightenment)
Om Manoyoginyai namah Manoyoginyai = One who enables the mind to be in yoga
Om Matanginyai namah Matangi = One of the Mahavidyas (form of Goddess Saraswati) who presides over thought and mind and is associated with the Divine word
Om Chanda-Munda-charinyai namah Chanda-Munda-charinyai = Destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda, energies of the mind serving ego and attachment
Om Daitya-danaava-nashinyai namah Daitya-danaava-nashinyai = Destroyer of demons
Om Meshajyotishaayai namah Mesha-jyotishaayai = Heavenly Light
Om Param-jyotishaayai namah Param-jyotishaayai = the Supreme Light
Om Atma-jyotishaayai namah Atma-jyotishaayai = Heavenly Light of the Soul
Om Sarva-jyoti-swaroopinyai namah Sarva-jyoti-swaroopinyai = Embodiment of the Light in All
Om Sahasramurtyai namah Sahasra-murtyai = of a thousand forms
Om Sharvaanyai namah Sharvaanyai = feminine of Sharva (form of Shiva associated with the element earth)
Om Surya-murti-swaroopinyai namah Suryamurtiswaroopinyai = Embodiment of the form of the Sun
Om Ayur-lakshmiyai namah Ayur-lakshmiyai = Granter of long life (Ayur)
Om Vidya-lakshmiyai namah Vidya-lakshmiyai = Granter of the wealth (Lakshmi) of knowledge
Om Sarva-lakshmi-pradayai namah Sarva-lakshmi-pradayai = Granter of all wealth/abundance
Om Vichaakshanaayai namah Vichaakshanaayai = One who is Wise
Om Ksheeraanavivasinyai namah Ksheeraanavivasinyai = One residing in the ocean of milk (Lakshmi)
Om Vaageshwaryai namah Vaageshwaryai = Goddess of all language
Om Vaaksiddhyai namah Vaak-siddhyai = One who purifies/perfects speech
Om Ajnan-ajnan-gocharaayai (?) namah Ajnan-ajnan-gocharaayai = Dispeller of ignorance
Om Balaayai namah Balaayai = One of Great Strength
Om Paramakalyanyai namah Paramakalyanyai = One who does the Highest Good (to the world)
Om Bhaanumandalavasinyai namah Bhaanumandala-vasinyai = One residing in the Sun
Om Avyaktayai namah Avyaktayai = the Great Unmanifest
Om Vyaktaroopayai namah Vyaktaroopayai = of the form of the Great Manifestation
Om Avyaktaroopayai namah Avyaktaroopayai = of the form of the Great Unmanifest
Om Anantaayai namah Anantaayai = the Inifinite One
Om Chandraayayi namah Chandraayayi = of the Moon (Chandra)
Om Chandramandalavaasinyai namah Chandramandalavaasinyai = One residing in the Moon
Om Chandramandalamanditaayai namah Chandramandalamanditaayai = Adorned by the Moon
Om Bhairavyai namah Bhairavi = feminine of Bhairav (fierce form of Shiva who removes fear (bhay))
Om Paramanandaayai namah Paramanandaayai = Granter of the Highest Bliss (ananda)
Om Shivaayai namah Shivaayai =  feminine aspect of Shiva
Om Aparaajitayai namah Aparaajitayai = the Unconquered One
Om Jnana-praptyai namah Jnana-praptyai = Granter of Knowledge/Wisdom (jnana)
Om Jnana-vatyai namah Jnana-vatyai = Posessor of Great Wisdom
Om Jnana-murtyai namah Jnana-murtyai = Embodiment of Wisdom
Om Kalaavatyai namah Kalaavatyai = Goddess of the Arts
Om Shmshaanvasinyai namah Shmshaanvasinyai = One who resides in the cremation grounds
Om Maatre namah Maatre = Mother
Om Parama-kalpinyai namah Paramakalpinyai = the Highest age (of time)
Om Ghoshavatyai namah Ghoshavatyai = having sound
Om Daridra-harinyai namah Daridra-harinyai = Destroyer of poverty/lack
Om Shiv-tejomukhyai namah Shivtejomukhyai = One with Shiva and having a radiant face
Om Vishnuvallabhayai namah Vishnu-vallabhayai = Most beloved of Vishnu
Om Keshvibhushitaayai namah Kesh-vibhushitaayai = Adorned with lovely locks
Om Kurmaayai namah Kurmaayai = feminine of Kurma, the 2nd, tortoise avatar of Vishnu
Om Mahishasur-ghaatinyai namah Mahishasur-ghaatinyai = Destroyer of the demon Mahishasur (ego)
Om Sarva-rakshaayai namah Sarva-rakshaayai = Protector of All
Om Mahakaalyai namah Mahakaalyai = Great Kali, Goddess of Destruction and Death (of time)
Om Mahalakshmiyai namah Mahalakshmiyai = Great Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity
Iti Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih Here ends the Sri Devi Ashtottara Shata Namavalih
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