16 Names of Vishnu (Sri Vishnu Shodashnaama Stotram)

16 Names of Vishnu (Sri Vishnu Shodashnaama Stotram)

A beautiful rendition of the 16 names of Lord Vishnu, to be recited in the morning. The Stotra describes how Vishnu, the All Pervading One is in every aspect of our lives and how we can integrate His remembrance in daily life or indeed, recognise His already existing Presence in everything we do.

Translation and meanings provided below the video



Oushade chinthayeth Vishnum
Bhojane cha Janardhanam
Sayane Padmanabham cha
Vivahe cha Prajapathim
Yuddhe Chakradharam devam
Pravase cha Trivikramam
Narayanam tanuh tyage
Sreedharam  priya sangame
Duswapne smara Govindam
Sankate Madhusudhanam
Kanane Narasimham cha
Pavake Jalasayinam,
Jalamadhye Varaham cha
Parvathe Raghunandanam
Gamane Vamanam chaiva
Sarva Karyeshu Madhavam

In medicine (or while taking medicine) know Him (or think of Him) as Vishnu – The All Pervading One, Sustainer of the Universe

In food: Janardhana – One who protects and liberates the people

In sleep/rest: Padmanabha – One with the lotus navel

In marriage: Prajapathi Lord of Creation

In war: Chakradharam – One wielding the chakra (Sudarshan chakra, weapon of Vishnu)

In travel: Trivikrama One who measured all creation in 3 steps

In giving up the body: Narayana One pervading/flowing through/resting in all beings like water

In meeting the beloved: Sreedhara One holding Sri (Goddess Lakshmi) in His heart

In bad dreams: Govinda Victorious on the Earth/ protector of cows

In troubles: Madhusudhana Slayer of the demon Madhu (ego.tamas)

In the forest: Narasimha avatar of Vishnu as half man – half lion

In fire: Jala Sayina One resting in water

In water: Varaha avatar of Vishnu as a boar

On a mountain: Raghunandana darling of the Raghu clan (Sri Rama)

In wandering: Vamana – avatar of Vishnu as a dwarf

In all work: as MadhavaOne who is sweet as honey

Shodasaithani Naamani
Prathar uthaaya ya padeth
Sarva papa vinirmuktho
Vishnu lokam samopnuyath

As soon as one wakes up in the morning,
If these sixteen names are read,
He would be bereft of all sins,
And reach the world of Vishnu at the end.

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