Nature and spirituality in South India

October is not a fallen month in South India. Unlike in temperate lands, there is no surrendering of the leaves first to non-verdant hues and eventually to the ground. The trees don’t avert their gaze like they do in Paris in autumn, embarrassed by their state of undress

Commercialisation of spirituality

Ever since the Beatles starting chanting Om and Madonna started doing yoga, eastern spirituality has been quite fashionable and has been becoming even more so in recent years. While it’s no doubt good that people are taking up positive spiritual practices like yoga-asanas, the commercialisation of spirituality is undesirable and even potentially dangerous. With the…

The one thing that grows the more you use it

We usually tend to associate use of something with its depletion. So our natural reflexes are to save, not expend beyond what we believe to be our means and to feel scared to use too much of a thing. But there’s one thing that only grows the more it is used and it’s intrinsic to meditation.

The social impact of Demonitisation – towards a more equal society

I don’t usually write on current affairs but seeing as this current hot topic in India holds the key for great transformation of the society and ultimately human lives, I thought it relevant to share some of my thoughts on it on this blog. For those who don’t know what ‘demonitisation’ I am referring to,…