From Anxiety to Ease (Mind Management)

From Anxiety to Ease (Mind Management)

The true nature of mind is infinite.
Truly, mind does not have any identity.

When we hold personal views and stories,
these cannot but bring suffering
because we are going against our true nature.

When I first embarked on the “spiritual path”, it was not for ‘enlightenment’ or to figure out any great Truths but it was initially only because I realised I was suffering my mind. I realised that my mind was inconsistent, unreliable and filled with many stories that were creating a very personal and subjective experience that often brought suffering. And despite having achieved a lot of success outwardly, living the life I had dreamed of, I found that I was not fully at ease and fulfilled.

Taking to yoga and meditation was a way of understanding and managing the mind. And as they say, if we are earnest in our seeking, the next step is shown to us, then the next and so on.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure and privilege to speak to a large group of students at Brawijaya University, Indonesia upon the request of Professor Irene Nany, who felt it would be helpful for the students to hear about yoga, meditation and wellness as so many of them have been suffering from anxiety, stress and burn-out.

Below are the 2 recordings of the weekend session where I spoke about my own journey, and answered many questions from these young folk on how to manage the mind, deal with overthinking, insecurity, pressures from work and environment, etc. These are issues we all face, often thinking that we alone are suffering. Being Mental Health Awareness Day, it feels fitting to share these videos which I hope give you a little bit of clarity, inspiration and helpful ways to become more conscious of your mind and thinking.

Yoga and meditation are called inner sciences because like any science, they apply universally- in this case, to human beings. 

What I try to share with people is what has worked for me in my experience. There are numerous teachings and teachers who will all say many different things about how to find happiness and freedom. It is also important to recognise that a teacher is speaking to a particular kind of seeker and as a seeker, what we need to hear may also change over the course of time and different teachers may appear to provide the needed teaching. So it’s always important to go with what we resonate with.

LivingWise Sessionsa new offering

I’m also happy to let you know that I’m making available individual sessions if you feel you would like guidance on aspects of your life or spiritual seeking. The focus will be on understanding the mind and looking at identifications and thought and emotional patterns that get in the way of happiness and a life of flow. 
More information about Sessions can be found here or please send me an email on


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