And Now, Yoga (Yoga Day Special)

LWP Newsletter #3 shares discusses the significance of Yoga Day being held at the summer solstice and also the importance of yoga in the world today. It is indeed time for yoga.

A Song for the Neuroscientists (Avadhuta Gita)

Newsletter #2 (11 Jun 2017) with thoughts on the desultory attempts by scientists to understand and interpret mystical/spiritual experiences (e.g. Arun Shourie’s attempt in his recent book Two Saints). Includes a weekly round-up and other LWP updates.

“We Won’t Always Have Paris”

This first weekly newsletter (4 Jun 2017) by LWP discusses the global concern over environmental issues with the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement. A weekly round-up of LWP articles is also included in case you missed them during the week.