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Yoga Day Countdown: Day #7

Asana #4: Ashvasthasana

After the Tadasana (Mountain pose), Katichakrasana (Standing Spinal Twist) and Trikonasana (Triangle pose), this is the fourth asana in our selected progression.

Ashvasth means assurance in Sanskrit. This asana helps in leading our lives with confidence and assurance.



How it’s done

Stand straight with both feet together. Lift the left arm upward, then the right leg backward and stretch the right arm out to the right side in line with the shoulder. In this position, the palm of the right hand should be facing downward. Remain in this position as long as comfortable. Repeat on the left side.

(Note: this is only a short description – asanas should never be learned just by reading about them)

Interesting asana facts

  • Increases the capacity of lungs to inhale more oxygen and thereby helps to cure breathing problems
  • Very beneficial for asthma patients
  • Shoulders becomes strong and broad
  • Induces a sense of balance

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