Spotlight on Sri Aurobindo | Weekly Newsletter No.11

Spotlight on Sri Aurobindo | Weekly Newsletter No.11

“Do you know my attitude? Books, scriptures, and things like that only point out the way to reach God. After finding the way, what more need is there of books and scriptures? Then comes the time for action.”
– Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Dear LWP Readers,

As India’s 70th Independence Day on 15 August coincided with Krishna Janamashtmi and Sri Aurobindo’s 145th birth anniversary, we shared a few special articles this past week on LWP related to the occasions.

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Weekly Digest

Here’s the highlights from the past week on LWP in case you missed them:

  • Sri Aurobindo’s speech in Uttarpara in 1909 in which he talked about his communion with God during his jail term and his idea of nationalism relating to Sanatana Dharma. Sri Aurobindo was one of the first political leaders to put forward the idea of Purna Swarajya or complete independence for India and actively supported the Swadeshi movement. India’s Struggle for Freedom and the Voice of God is a must-read speech to gain an insight into Sri Aurobindo’s personal transformation and early spiritual insights.
  • Beloo Mehra’s short summary introduction to Sri Aurobindo, the great yogi, sage, poet, spiritual leader, philosopher, politician, intellectual and patriot.
  • Shruti Bakshi explored the most colourful incarnation of Vishnu in her article ‘Who is Krishna?‘, a Janamashtmi special
  • What does Hanuman, the Ramayana’s most fascinating figure, represent in Yoga? Dr. David Frawley’s article explains the yogic meaning of Hanuman.
  • Being virtuous, clinging to righteousness, responding with compassion and charity to material poverty – this is surely the path for a human being to attain to the Divine, correct? Or is it? Ganesh Varadharajan explored the intricacies of the concepts of virtue and vice on the spiritual path, drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo’s words.
  • You get an email from your boss and it’s not good. You can sense your emotions rising and about to completely take over. Stop and take Isabella Convertini’s advice: let it R.A.I.N. Read about this simple and powerful practice that you can do anytime, anywhere.
  •  Eight miracle ingredients every kitchen must have going by Ayurveda.
  • Rahul Sharma shared his travelogue of going on safari at Jim Corbett national park.
  • Hugs, kisses and handshakes may be fine but the Namaste is the most profound greeting as Ambika Gupta explained. Read about the yogic meaning behind the Namaste.

From the LWP Forum

Here’s some words of wisdom from our new LWP forum. Do register on the forum and share your thoughts on this and other discussion topics!

In one line only – How Can We Live Better Lives?

“Whatever that you are in quest for through years of Meditation, is exactly what resides in the person standing next to you ” -Osho – Rahul Sharma

By remembering to be grateful for all that Life gives us, and especially for all which it doesn’t give, because that’s how we will find within an aspiration to develop greater equanimity. – Beloo Mehra

We can better our lives by just remaining in the soul conscious state and automatically we shall know what to do. – Shantashree

By remembering that we are mortal as often as we can. – Shruti Bakshi

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Wishing you a lovely Sunday wherever in the world you may be!

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Shruti Bakshi
Editor, the LivingWise Project

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