The most important reminder of all

Shuffling through the ‘to-do’s and ‘may-do’s,

Letting some drop off the cluttered lists;

Postponing smiles and laughter to the holidays,

Squeezing contentment into corners, if it fits.


‘Why are we here?’ ‘What is the truth?’

We’d love to know, but maybe later.

There’s so much to do today (and every day),

We have problems right now that are greater.


We’re trying to make something of our lives.

We have no time; we don’t walk, we run.

Or sometimes, we’re just feeling lazy,

And other times, too busy having fun.


But one day we will really look, we promise.

And with absolute attention, like we’re told.

On that day, we won’t let our minds wander;

It could even be tomorrow, if it’s not too cold.


There’s so many dreams and goals to chase,

No time to chase reality; the world moves so fast.

But breathe deep and take this reminder with you –

You’re still alive; someday you’ll breathe your last.


Death is stalking day and night over this earth of ours, but at the same time we think we shall live eternally.

A question was once asked of King Yudhisthira, “What is the most wonderful thing on this earth?” And the king replied, “Every day people are dying around us, and yet men think they will never die.” And this is Maya.

– Swami Vivekananda


As a simple practice, try to imagine something you’re doing as being the last thing you will do – ironically, it brings a surprising amount of aliveness to the act.

Wishing all a long and happy life.

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Shruti Bakshi

Shruti Bakshi is the Founder of the LivingWise Project. She has worked for several years in banking and financial services in London, Paris and Mumbai and holds an MBA (INSEAD) and MPhil in Finance (Cambridge). She is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. Shruti writes about life at the intersection of spirituality and modern society. Her debut novel ‘From Dior to Dharma’ was released in May 2017. Her latest novel is ‘Yoga, Work and Life: Indian Wisdom for Modern Times’.

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4 Replies to “The most important reminder of all”

  1. avofoodies

    Ack! That sentence at the end about doing everything as if that’s the last time you’ll do it is scary! But I do agree that my weeks are just be routinely doing things without any passion or interest. I’m just doing them because I’ve been doing that for years and years. Habits run hard. Thanks for this provocative post, Shruti! Xo, Stephanie

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