Yoga Day Countdown: Day #9

Asana #2: Katichakrasana (Standing Spinal Twist)

After the Tadasana (Mountain pose), this is the second asana in our selected progression.

How it’s done

Stand with feet about one foot apart and lift both arms up to shoulder height. Then while slowly exhaling, twist your whole body to the right, so that your right arm is straight and left arm half-folded. Repeat on the left side. The video below by the Art of Living provides a good demonstration.

Interesting asana facts

  • Tones the neck, shoulders, back, waist and hips
  • Massages the intestines which helps relieve constipation (Note: the asana can be done after drinking a glass of warm water to stimulate bowel movement)
  • Improves body posture and relieves stiffness of the back
  • Induces a feeling of lightness and can be done anytime during the day to relieve physical or mental tension
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