What’s Your Spiritual Take-Away?

There’s so much out there. So much to choose from. To follow. To retain. To sustain. Where do you even start? What should it lead to? What should you eat into? Without it eating into you!

The menu is endless. The cuisines are innumerable. The flavours are fresh and/or feisty. What I want to ask (before you think this is about a food ordering app) is: what’s your spiritual take-away?

The current domain of spiritual teaching is abundant. Much like the universe. Choosing a path, a discipline, a guru or even a spiritual blogger can be really tough, sometimes full of contradictions and often exhausting. You won’t always be in agreement and/or understanding with what’s being said in a spiritual teaching. Plus your learning can be very different from what was taught and, what you take home may be very different from what I take home. Suddenly you find yourself in a ‘mesh’ or rather should I say ‘mess’ of spiritual Chinese whispers!

It’s not your fault. That’s just how the human mind works. You’ll want to question what you’re told. You’ll want to look for the loopholes. You’ll want to come up with something better. Well, in that case, you’ll know exactly when you hit the jackpot: when there’s no more questioning it, when it comes to you like Archimedes’ “Eureka!” and when there’s no more defending it. You’ll know it’s meant for you and it’ll take you on, like the hitchhiker of your own galaxy! Yes you’ll question it but you’ll find satisfactory answers or acceptance. Yes you’ll look for the loopholes but you’ll see your concerns dissolve into ripples of peace. Yes you’ll want to come up with something better, and guess what, you will! That’s evolution. As long as the outcome is positive, you’ll know you’re on the right track. At the end of the day, you’ve got to feel good about it. Feel it in your body and your bones!

There’s something out there for each of us. Just like the right pair of jeans, the best fitted shoes and the choicest shade of lipstick. But what’s unique with spirituality is that what you’re seeking could be seeking YOU with a greater intensity! Allow that intensity through. This is something that I’ve read over and over again. That there’s something else out there, up there and at the same time deep within you, that’s far more in charge than you’ll ever be. That’s what they mean by surrender. Funnily though, the seed act of doing has to come from you. Then let ‘It’ take over the rest.

Minding the fine lines and your balance are crucial and a sceptical but open mind will not be denied. This, one has to believe. “May the force be with you”, even on the craziest of days and may your spiritual take-away be delivered at the right time.

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