Devotional poems (HeartWords/video)

Devotional poems (HeartWords/video)

A video with some poems from my book ‘HeartWords: mystic poems’ by dear friend Lucia Lagana. A joy and blessing to share this! Lucia’s YouTube channel is a most beautiful service to Truth with many touching and profound video sharings. I’m very grateful for her wonderful work. Do check it out. 🙂




“Poetry is a love affair with existence…
…before you can become transcendental you will have to learn how to be poetic. Science is taught by the society, by the school, the college, the university. Poetry is missing. Because it has no market value, nobody cares about it. If you have a poetic approach, your approach is so private it can’t be used by the society. And in fact, you may be a little problematic to the society because you will bring your private vision and your private vision can be a disturbance.
Plato, the first collectivist in the world, writes in his utopian book, The Republic, that collectivity is his idea of the future society as societies should be. In his republic, poets won’t be allowed. Particularly poets – nobody else is prevented, but poets are prevented. They should not be allowed in the Platonic republic. Why? Why is he so afraid of the poets? – for the simple reason that the poet brings the individual, private vision, and that can create disruption.
Plato wants to impose a certain pattern, one type of lifestyle, on everybody. He wants a kind of unity, forcibly imposed, and poets in that way are not reliable.

[…] a real poet cannot serve anybody, he serves only poetry. He writes, he sings, not for any other motive. Art for art’s sake. There is no motive and no goal in it. His singing is just like the birds singing in the early morning sun, flowers blooming, bees humming. Yes, exactly like that: utterly free, natural, spontaneous.”


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