River Stories Series for Children – “A Dip in the Ganga”

River Stories Series for Children – “A Dip in the Ganga”

On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trittiya, I’m delighted to present a children’s animation video that I had the pleasure of creating with Irene Nany and her Fountain Stories team at Brawijaya University in Indonesia. 

It has been some time since I have posted on the LivingWise Project. When I realised Akshaya Trittiya was coming around, I felt I should post something because it was on this day in 2017 that I formalised the LivingWise Project website. The day just happened to be Akshaya Trittiya without my planning and of course when I learned that I had unwittingly started the blog on the day when everything done gets multiplied in auspiciousness and abundance, I was delighted.

It just so happened that a children’s project I have been working on, came to fruition this month and what better day to share the first of our efforts with you. And as if Akshaya Trittya was not enough of good timing, this is also the time when Ma Ganga descended to Earth, the very subject of our video.

I’m delighted to present this animation video that I had the pleasure of creating with Irene Nany and her Fountain Stories team at Brawijaya University in Indonesia. 

Irene had first approached me through the LivingWise Project blog, with a keen interest in understanding more about Indian spirituality and particularly intrigued by my article on Ma Ganga. One conversation led to another and our shared interest in getting ancient stories to the youngest generation led us to collaborate on the River Stories project for children. The first offering in this series is a video on Mother Ganga – narrating the story of her descent to Earth. I can’t believe the video has been produced by an Indonesian team – their integrity, hard work, curiosity, opennness and creativity has left me in awe. 

I hope you enjoy this calm and relaxed video and share with as many young ones as you can! Our wish is to connect young hearts to their ancient culture and heritage and develop a true respect for our beautiful and sacred rivers.

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