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From the Immortals of Meluha to Immortal India – in conversation with Amish

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Vivekananda’s Message to the West and the Historic September 11 Speech

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Enlighten Yourself | Newsletter No.14

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When Vivekananda Met Tesla: Modern Physics’ Earliest Trysts with Vedanta

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The Importance of Being Idle | Newsletter No. 12

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Vedic Chanting: An Amazing World at the Intersection of Tones and Letters

Ganesha idols (Source:

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Getting to Know Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturthi

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Introducing Sri Aurobindo

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Who is Krishna?

Copy of Bande Mataram, September 1907 (Public Domain)

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India’s Struggle for Freedom and the Voice of God – Sri Aurobindo’s Speech


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From Vedanta to Plato: the Deep Links between India and Europe (Part 1)

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Ayurveda & Yoga: Introduction & Tips

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Remembering Annapurna

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Tech & Start-up World Hack Spirituality to Boost Performance

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Ganga: The River of Heaven

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