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The Light of Rama and Ramayana

  In the whole of Rama’s realm there was no one who suffered from bodily pains, ill fortune or evil circumstances. Every man loved his neighbor and, contented with the state of life to which he had been born, conformed to sound morality and the teaching of scripture. The four …

Exploring Shakti as Parvati, Sita and Radha

“Lord Shiva, only becomes ableto do creation in this world along with Shakti.Without her, even an inch he cannot move,and so how can one who does not do good deeds,or one who does not sing your praise,become adequate to worship youO Goddess of mine, who is worshipped by the Trinity”  Soundarya …

Taittiriya Upanishad: Rishi Bhrigu’s Meditation

The Upanishads “are the production of the highest human wisdom” claimed German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.
The Bhrigu Valli, part of the Taittiriya Upanishad is an important text especially for yoga and meditation practitioners since it describes the transformation from the gross to the subtle and the experiential understanding reached in yoga, of the ultimate knowledge.

Holi – Burn the Old, Celebrate Life

The festival of Holi is often dubbed the most ‘fun’ festival that is about playing with water and colours, singing, dancing and eating. But what really is the significance of this festival apart from ‘having fun’? Or maybe that’s just it. Some reflections on Holi, a festival that conveys the wisdom of joy and the joy of wisdom.

5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better than Gymming

Here’s some reasons why you’d be better off replacing your gym work-out with a yoga class. This list of reasons excludes the simple fact that yoga has been recommended by wise sages and yogis for thousands of years, which in itself is a pretty hefty endorsement!

Seeking Shiva

“The distinction between “with qualities” and
“without qualities” does not exist in Him;
He’s beyond both attachment and non-attachment;
Stainless, He’s beyond all forms.
He’s beyond both qualities and the absence of qualities;
Though formless, He’s the substance of all forms.
So how can I worship that Shiva, who exists
everywhere, like space!” – Avadhuta Gita |

Exploring the significance of Mahashivratri (the darkest night of the year), for seeking Shiva.