The ‘As You Like It’ Generation

The ‘As You Like It’ Generation

The most exhilarating achievement of today’s world is the plethora of opportunities available, complemented by the myriad ways to take them on. It’s a smart world, they say – smart phones, smart watches, smart cities, smart life. So the smart thing to do is to take what’s available – but make sure it’s easy on yourself!

I often hear older acquaintances say “I don’t get this!” or “How do you do this?!” or “This is not for me!”. Sometimes it’s not even a generational thing. I then wonder, do they truly not get this or is it just not ‘as they like it’? You make your picks and you put your ticks in your wok of life.

Life has changed exponentially in a generation and it is truly smart! I like to call it a ‘Shakespearean Shake’. Just ‘as you like it’. The right amount of chocolate, enough milk, some cubes of ice and you’re ‘cool’!

You’re allergic to milk? There’s soy.
Feel guilty about eating chocolate? Go latte!
Fear you’ll get fat with cream? There’s a fat-free substitute.

I marvel at the promptness of app updates each time there’s a technical issue. Nothing is irreparable or un-customisable for our generation. But if technology has been granted those privileges, then why not ourselves? Many situations we consider to be wrong or irreparable, swerve into our day and life and it would be easier for us if we looked at them like configured codes to blend in with. The key is to remind yourself that you can always exercise a software update for yourself—that too, as you like it!

P.S. I’m not a foodie, but I find food the easiest way to communicate parallels and patterns. So from my first article on ‘What’s Your Spiritual Take-Away’ to this one speaking about ‘Shakespearean Shakes’, I intend on continuing to write about what feeds our interests and of the hunger pangs that come when we don’t get that food for thought.

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