Yoga Day Countdown! Day #10

Yoga Day Countdown! Day #10

Asana #1: Tadasana (Mountain pose)


Tadasana derives its name from the ‘Tad’ or Indian palm tree. As the tree is tall, similarly this asana is about stretching to one’s full height.

This asana is the foundation for all standing asanas. It involves standing straight with one’s feet slightly apart and arms raised upwards, and then stretching and lengthening the body as far as possible.

(Note: this is only a short description – asanas should never be learned just by reading about them)

Interesting asana facts

  • If performed straight after waking up, it helps restore freshness and flexibility of the body
  • Improves the circulation of blood to all the nerves
  • Helpful for backache
  • Helps reduce labour pains *In fact this is the only asana which can be practiced by a pregnant woman for the entire duration of her pregnancy*
  • Brings restfulness after a hectic day of standing and walking
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