Joining Nature’s Conversation

What if you could hear nature speak? If you are sufficiently silent, you just may be able to tune-in to nature’s radio. But how often do we attempt to experience such a communion?

Here are some gorgeous photos shared by LWP writer and travel and spirituality blogger Rahul Sharma showcasing nature’s art gallery. Captions added by Shruti Bakshi are a light-hearted guess at what nature may be trying to say in these photos.

Feel free to share your own captions in the comments section, referencing the photo number!

Note: all photos are the property of Rahul Sharma and may not be used without his permission.

1] A pink pigeon at Nagarkot, Nepal

“What? Have you never seen a white pigeon with neon pink streaks before?”


2] A white peacock at Sentosa Island, Singapore

“Why all the fuss? I don’t think I’m special. ‘Special’ seems to be a human concept.”


3] An exotic young butterfly at Butterfly Park, Sentosa Island, Singapore

“Look ma, I met a human! I hope he’s as excited to meet me!”


4] Plants at various locations in the neighbourhood

“We’re not trying to look pretty for your photos. We just ‘are’. Naturally.”


5] Clouds, Kathmandu, Nepal

“Ah this is a nice quiet place for us to gather. Welcome everyone to the weekly Clouds Conference…”


6] Clouds, Nagarkot, Nepal


“Don’t mind us clouds, we just come and go like thoughts in your mind. We hope that analogy is helping you humans meditate!”


6] Clouds, Pokhara, Nepal

“Welcome to the original cloud storage space. Please observe [the] silence.


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