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The LivingWise Project aims to bring the light of wisdom and wellness, focusing on yogic sciences, to the world.

Spirituality has not escaped the clutches of commercialisation in our global market economy which has sadly led to much distortion, confusion, misappropriation and misunderstandings. LWP is an effort to  collate the valuable insights, Truths and methods from India’s ancient spiritual and cultural heritage and to not only proliferate the little-known knowledge, but also present it in an easily-digestible and immediately relevant form.

Important warning: strictly no new-age or pop spirituality and psychology here!

In a modern society reeling with stress, depression, uncertainties, doubts and other challenges, LWP’s mission is to enable people to transform themselves so that they can lead happier and wiser lives. This cannot be done through feel-good mantras or motivational talks, but only through raising consciousness. From yoga-asanas to meditation to mindfulness, LWP shares knowledge about the methods and inner tools for true well-being.

In addition to age-old wisdom, LWP draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, the adventure of travel, the nourishment from healthy eating and good reading and values social awareness. LWP is for those who are ready to go beyond pop-psychology, materialism and beyond yoga as a fitness regime and are searching for a better understanding about the nature of life.

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