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This endeavour aims to bring the light of wisdom and wellness to the world.

The LivingWise Project is a Wisdom + Wellness blog that shares knowledge from spiritual and philosophical traditions focusing on the ancient Indian yogic and Vedantic systems. The inner tools for self-discovery and true well-being are brought forward in a relatable way for our modern age.

Love & blessings, Shruti

About Shruti Bakshi

 Shruti Bakshi is a former investment banker and consultant who after spending over a decade studying and working at top institutions in London, Paris and Mumbai, decided to take a career break and return to India to immerse herself in yoga, meditation and Vedanta philosophy. Shruti has completed many courses with Isha Foundation and is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor having completed her training from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy (Kerala, India). She has also spent much time travelling around India to deepen in her spiritual practice which includes contemplation and Advaita philosophy.

Shruti holds an MBA from INSEAD (France/ Singapore) and an MPhil in Finance from Cambridge University where she was a Shell scholar.

In addition to her writings on this blog, Shruti loves sharing some of her poetry and words from the heart on her Instagramaccount. Be sure to check it out here!

You are welcome to write in to Shruti by email at: contact (at) livingwiseproject.com


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