Making a Mind and Body Connection

Making a Mind and Body Connection

The two most important aspects of our physicality are our body and mind. Realising the connection between them is key to a happier life.


The mind is a focal point of driving life since it can impart wisdom and thus allow man to make the right move. Unfortunately, we spend most of our time appreciating our outer body and darned little is spent on the mind and soul in this fast-paced world. Below are some ways we can nourish our body and mind at the same time, and help connect to happiness, contentment, optimism, and peace of mind.

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1] Have sound relationships

Man is a social animal and cannot exist without companionship or communication. However, there are times when a particular relationship can become ugly, unbearable, violent or abusive. Hoping that things will improve is not going to help. The nagging and shouting is hurting your mind, body, and soul. Fortunately, our planet has the population of mankind in plenty. So, End it, and move on. Life has more to offer than just that one person in that particular relationship.

2] Check what you ingest

With communication, media and technology, we are going global as distances are shrinking. Thus, different cuisines are at our doorstep, making mankind even more gullible to the different flavours that tickle his nose. Being aware of the ingredients that make a particular meal is important. Keeping a tab on what goes inside your body will take you miles with regards to your health. If health is sound, mind and body are happy.

3] Physical activity

Any physical activity such as a walk, run, swim or biking can uplift your spirits and give an extra gush of oxygen to all the organs and the areas that are deprived of blood or are in pain. This will help you get a grip on all your emotions and give you ideas on how to tackle them. The result is that the mind and body are relaxed, which will give a healthy body thus, allowing an individual to think straight, and make the right decisions.

4] Massages

These are helpful for the body and mind. You do not need to go to a professional. Use your hands and massage that bruised area or the part that is giving signals of pain. You will see the difference, and that will help you make the right choices.

5] Laugh a little

Let go of anxiety, nervousness and worries by forcing yourself to expand those muscles around your lips. You will see how this forced movement will actually make you laugh out loud and ease any pain within you. Once that pain subsides, your mind can focus on the problem, and a solution will spring up!

6] Show some compassion

Life can be brutal and competitive. Even though you may be trying your best to get through a particular door of opportunity, there could be a possibility of failure too. Let the mind and body align at that junction so that the brain does not spit out negativity and tear the physical self. Show compassion towards failures, and that will help the mind and body to unite in times of rain or shine.


We have all heard of meaningful proverbs such as, “Life is short. Live it up!” But seldom do we ponder over it unless our body gives in to the stress and the physical and mental pressure thus, making the aching body inert while the mind moans from the pain and regrets all the choices we could have made!

Why cry over spilled milk? Why repent?

We have to learn to make a connection between our mind and body. Man is an intelligent being and able to turn tables around by being in the moment and making the right choices to live a happy life.

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