Speaking of Saraswati (Wisdom Talk)

Speaking of Saraswati (Wisdom Talk)

The one who graces with words

that find harmony with the elements,

with all of life singing sweet eternal melodies

help bring that Sound to the ears of our Heart

Sharade Namami

As the best mother and best river (as the Rig Veda extols) she is the ever fresh river of consciousness. Out of their humility the sages of ancient times wrote about her in the form of prayers when really She was realised as the dynamic flow as it already is.
Your presence through my life even before I knew it; in my love for academics, words, music, poetry…Which one the most I don’t know but Your teachings ever refine my understandings and Your flow of beauty and joy guided by discernment comes to be seen as the movement of life itself.
The arranger of the vibrations of our cells so expressions become a poetic flow, may You link all our words to the Word. May you grant ‘sumati‘, right mentalising, for jnana to flow unimpeded through the channels of our being.

Wisdom Talk

Here is a short talk offering on Saraswati: the flow of art and wisdom


Rig Veda References

“Of (all) the rivers Sarasvati alone became conscious, flowing pure from the mountains (of the superconscient higher planes) up to the (lower) ocean (of the inconscient); being conscious of the riches of the manifold world of becoming she has yielded for the human who dwells near her milk and clarified butter. (Rig Veda 7.95.2)
For you, O divine Stream (of Inspiration), O goddess of Delight, this Vasishtha has opened the doors of the dynamic Truth. Grow (in him), O brightly shining one, and bestow on your affirmer the plenitudes. O Gods guard us ever with perfect states of being.” (Rig Veda 7.95.6)
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