The Wisdom of the Sages (Mooji)

The Wisdom of the Sages (Mooji)

– Excerpt of talk by Mooji at a Satsang in Rishikesh, March 2016

“It is said that 2600 years ago, there was one man who having come to the discovery of the timeless within himself forgot his person and became a light in this world. 2600 years later, new Buddhists are emerging and following these ancient teachings and experiencing for themselves what he discovered.

2000 years ago, another man also found the Light and himself became the light of this world. To this very day, many people are immersing themselves in this Christ-light to find the living truth within themselves. And there are many other examples.

And we know in these times, the lives of Sri Ramana Maharshi or Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj or Papaji, they pointed out the truth in the most direct way, an ancient wisdom that had also sprouted here in India but remained dormant until the great sage Adi Shankara revived interest in the path of Advaita—the non-dual path to Self-realisation. These great masters continue to shine the light and grace of this perfect understanding, and many many beings have thus come into the light for themselves.

This is our chance now, to make use of the same timeless pointing, the same place pointed to. These masters had bodies just like ours. They looked at the same moon and the sun just like we do, but they saw the power, harmony and the all-encompassingness of Truth. And like moths to a flame, they died to themselves to bring this light into the world. It is now our turn, our chance in this present age. No one is exempt from this discovery, because all beings are, in essence, this Reality. I am not speaking poetry to you but what I have seen and comprehended in and through my own experience—that this chance to awaken to the eternal truth and timeless existence is there for everyone. Wherever you are, whether you are on the other side of this screen or sitting in this room, know that wherever there arises this urge, this pulse for freedom, for ultimate understanding, for coming home, for Self knowledge or Self-realisation, right there is a door to your complete awakening.

However diverse we may appear to be, in truth, we all speak the same one language, and that language is consciousness. All the other languages like Hindi, English, Russian or German are only translating consciousness. Consciousness is our common language, our essence and source self—the ground of being. I don’t have the sense I am here to convert or persuade anybody. Already a movement began in you to bring you here. The food need only be put on the table. If you are hungry you will put it in your mouth. But here, the food is put in your heart also—if you have the love and space for it. My teaching is like a tree that bears immediate fruit and its fruit keeps getting sweeter and sweeter each moment.

I know amongst you there are those whose lives will never again be the same, for whom there is no past to go back to and as for the future, they perceive it as mere speculation. They find the fullness of their lives now—not in the now of time, but in the now of timelessness. The clock of time ticks away, but the opportunity to discover the timeless is being revealed to all seekers of truth according to their capacity to hear truth deeply. In each one there must arise the urge to be free from the influence of the psychological mind—to be free from the hypnosis of personal conditioning. Sometimes it can appear as though you are making too big a sacrifice, like, ‘Why must I give up the things I enjoy most in order to find my truth?!’ But no one is really being asked to give up anything but rather to give attention to the unchanging space which is the background to the movement called mind. And in paying attention to that with full heart, you discover your natural mind and your true Self.

I have nothing to give you. I only point to that which has been overlooked though, in truth, it is the womb of this universe. It is the resting place, the dying place and the birthplace of all life. It is the giver, the creator, the sustainer, the destroyer, and beyond the dream of all such play. To humanity, this should be a great news, a real chance to find lasting happiness, because it’s not merely news but an invitation to look within and discover the one true Self—the non-dual pearl of ultimate Truth. Man’s latent desire is to discover that which, in fact, he can never not be, but yet he remains asleep to this—a sleep that robs him of his inherent joy. Let each man come to know that his true heart is the light of this world. He must strive to prevent his mind from hiding this.
When he succeeds, his earth will become heaven.”


For more, see satsang videos of Mooji on YouTube or visit his official website.


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