Understanding Bharat in the Light of Sanatana Dharma

Whether we were born here or not, Bharat is an opportunity for all of humanity to witness through this civilization, how the ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ has the potential to beautifully integrate. Not because of concocted beliefs or some selfish desires of a group of exclusive people, but because of the universal movement of Life itself – through Sanatana Dharma. …We stand at an auspicious juncture as we correct narratives and understandings and move from ‘mythology’ to history, ‘religion’ to dharma, lies to the uncovering of truth.

Shakti and the Dance of Discernment

O Mother, as Aruna, the crimson-coloured Goddess,Thou art like the light of morning’s rising sun to the lotus flowers symbolising the minds of gifted poets (helping their poesy to blossom forth).Therefore, those devoted ones who adore Thee become capable of delighting the minds of assemblies of literary connoisseurs with the …