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Baba Ramdev’s Tips for Beating the Heat

With the summer season upon us, it is only natural to go looking for natural ways to beat the heat. Famous yoga and Ayurveda guru and founder of the popular Ayurvedic food brand Patanjali Ayurved, Baba Ramdev offers some wisdom for keeping your cool while boosting your health.

Follow these tips on food, drink and pranayama for a more pleasant summer, naturally.


What to favour

What to avoid

Note: raw mango in cooked form however (as used for making aam panna, a popular drink), is cooling


What to favour

Avoid alcohol during the summer as it is extremely dehydrating.



The ancient yogic techniques of pranayama or breath control, enable one to control the flow of life energy (prana) in the body.

The Chandrabhedi, Sheetali and Sheetkari pranayams are especially beneficial in cooling the body. Read more about these here.


Source:  YouTube video of Baba Ramdev’s explanations


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  1. I was not aware that we have to avoid using raw mango, thanks for sharing Baba Ramdev’s wonderful tips!

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