Soldiers & Spirituality – Part 1 (Guru Purnima Special)

Here’s Part 1 of the much awaited interview with Maj Gen GD Bakshi – Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

General Bakshi is well known in India for his views on military and defence matters but in this interview, he reveals a very different aspect of his life – the mystic and spiritual.

In this Part 1, General Bakshi talks about his early spiritual influences and about his guru – a fitting topic for this Guru Purnima weekend. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments on Facebook and YouTube!

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  1. A great narration by Gen GD Bakshi !
    Looking forward to the next part.

  2. GB Singh

    General GD Bakshi is a story teller. Well immersed in Transcendental Temptations.

  3. wow ! I was already a fan of General Sahab because of his knowledge & upfront discussion manners on defence issues but never knew this spiritual aspect of his life .It was great knowing him a little better !!

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