Ganga Waters Meditation: Bathing in the Sounds of Ganga

Ganga Waters Meditation: Bathing in the Sounds of Ganga

I recently spent some time in the holy town of Rishikesh. What a blessing to be in Ma Ganga’s presence and feel her intimate connection with humanity.

As the holiest river of India, Ganga has been the refuge and inspiration of innumerable yogis and saints over many millennia. The ghats (banks) of Mother Ganga have borne witness to scenes from the humblest rituals to the profoundest meditations. For thousands of years, some have come for peace, some for good fortune and some to know what the sages knew.

In this audio/visual offering, you can sit back, relax and bathe in Ganga’s pure waters without leaving your home. Your own meditation on Ganga’s ghats.

Enjoy these beautiful sounds that are ancient but never stale.

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Ganga Waters Meditation: Bathe in the Peaceful, Relaxing Sounds of Purity

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