Shakti & the Gunas

Shakti & the Gunas

Moving from tamasic nature to sattva means you are refining the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the energy body. If you refine this so much that it became very transparent, you cannot miss the source of creation which is within you.


As the Intelligence of life, Shakti moves by fine and high discernment. As Kali (associated with the tamas guna), in powerful and even violent ways to destroy what doesn’t serve and make way for the new. As Lakshmi, in the aspect of rajas, in propelling a movement towards abundance and expansion and as Saraswati (through sattva guna), enabling transcendence and allowing the finest expression of discernment through art and jnana (wisdom).

I wrote more about this in the article: Shakti & the Dance of Discernment and talk about this in the video below:

Viewing the movement of life in these ways allows us to view life more impersonally as the movement of the Shaktis or gunas. As Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, “When visionaries perceive no doer other than the Gunas, and know That which is above and beyond the gunas; then they attain nirvana.” He says that “the one who remains like a witness; who is not moved by the Gunas, thinking that the Gunas only are operating;…” is one who has transcended the gunas.

Shakti is the mother and the mother imparts the wisdom that operates through discernment. May we truly honour Shakti which is not actually about the feminine but about the manifestation itself that is a reflection of the Self.


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