Where Science and Metaphysics Fall Short

Sri Aurobindo’s words on the limitations of science and metaphysics in explaining the world. As he writes, “Metaphysics seeks to tell us What the Universe is and Why it is; in other words to explain the Inexplicable; but the end of this process is inevitably a juggling with words which must repel all clear-minded thinkers”. The approach of Hinduism is altogether different.

Brahma’s Lie and the Delusion of Certainty

“Brahma’s lie marks the first act of fundamentalism on the planet. The flower is punished for bearing witness and offering tacit support to the fundamentalist impulse. To claim a limited end to a limitless process, to reduce the infinite to the finite, to draw borders across the borderless, to make measurements of the unfathomable – this is the beginning of the human impulse to create certainty where none exists. It is the birth of pain, of suffering, of delusion.”
– Read more of the excerpt from the book Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Life Advice from Dr Radhakrishnan

“Religion is what we do with ourselves when we are alone. In every one of us is a secret shrine where no one could intrude, to which we must retire as often as possible and discover what our true self is as distinct from the appearance we present to the world outside. Most of us are self-deceivers and constant examination alone can save us….”
5 September has been celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India since 1962 in honour of the great scholar and philosopher Dr S. Radhakrishnan who became President of India in 1962. In this excerpt from this essay ‘My Search for Truth’, Dr Radhakrishnan gives valuable advice not only for teachers but all people in general.

India’s Struggle for Freedom and the Voice of God – Sri Aurobindo’s Speech

Sri Aurobindo played a crucial role in India’s freedom movement by raising the national consciousness. In this speech at Uttarpara in West Bengal, he talked about his communion with God during a jail sentence he served during the freedom struggle. The speech describes his realisation that nationalism had a spiritual purpose in India. It provides the context for Sri Aurobindo’s vision of raising India to raise Sanatana Dharma.

Indian Monk Says to Rise Above Thought and Reason (Swami Vivekananda)

Are there limits to our reason or is reason all we must rely on?
Swami Vivekanda said: “The really difficult part to understand is that this state, the Absolute, which has been called the highest, is not, as some fear, that of the zoophite, or of the stone. That would be a dangerous thing to think. According to these thinkers there are only two states of existence, one of the stone, and the other of thought. What right have they to limit existence to these two? Is there not something infinitely superior to thought?” Read more in the article.

#RallyforRivers – What You Need to Know

The Problem

  • Per capita water availability in India has come down 75% since 1947
  • 25% of India is turning into a desert
  • By 2030 we will have only 50% of the water we need for our survival

If you live in India and consume water, this is a problem.

The Reason

India’s rivers are drying up – perennial rivers are turning seasonal and many tributaries have vanished.

  • Godavari went dry at its source in 2016
  • According to the World Wildlife Fund,  Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers
  • Kaveri and Narmada have shrunk by 40-60%

What is Rally for Rivers?

A campaign spearheaded by the Isha Foundation to raise awareness about India’s depleting rivers. It was officially announced on 9 July. It involves:

  • Raising awareness of the problem across institutions and communities within India
  • Highlighting solutions to stabilise and rejuvenate our rivers through a “River Rejuvenation Policy Recommendation” to be submitted to the Government of India
  • Gathering and presenting public support for the Recommendation to the government – support will be gathered in the form of missed calls received to the number 80009 80009 (see more information below on ‘what you can do’)
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of the Isha Foundation will be driving across India, from Kanyakumai to the Himalayas starting 3 September, until 2 October, conducting over 20 events in major cities. Government leaders and celebrities will be participating in various legs of the journey.

What solutions does the River Rejuvenation Policy Recommendation propose?

The Recommendation focuses on the planting of more trees and protecting river banks. As per the recommendation, trees must be planted for a width of one kilometre on either side of every major river:

  • Native trees to be grown on government-owned land
  • Fruit trees to be grown organically on private lands (and no ploughing). Farmers will need to be subsidised for the first few years to be incentivised to grow fruit tress.

Trees help to:

  • protect the top soil
  • normalise rainfall since they store carbon
  • keep water flowing as tree roots make the soil porous increasing the soil’s ability to hold water which is then released slowly (ensuring rivers can flow even in the dry season)

What you can do

  • Give a missed call to +91 80009 80009. This registers like a signature on a petition.
  • Share this information with others.
  • Commit to consuming ~30% fruits in your diet so that farmers are incentivised to grow fruit tress (this will also be beneficial for your own health).
  • Learn more about our rivers, the foundations and one of the most significant features of the Indian civilisation since ancient times. Read more on the Isha Foundation website and check out some of the articles on Indian rivers on LWP:
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