Ganga: The River of Heaven

Subhash Kak traces the course of the Ganga – from its descent from heaven to the rituals and traditions still associated with it in India today.

Details of the Infinite

Beloo Mehra walks us through the beauty and divinity of an Indian temple which is but an outer representation of the temple within. The sublimity of the Sun Temple at Modhera (Gujarat, India) comes alive in the lyrical prose and beautiful images infused with inspiration from Sri Aurobindo.

What India can learn from La France in cultural promotion

Their ability to convert a tiny unknown village with little more than a church to its name, into a sought after tourist destination by creating leafy café studded promenades, cute (if sometimes gratuitous) museums and by disseminating ample literature on local history and culture as well as neat maps proposing quaint walking trails, reveals incredible…

The Living Ganga

Recently back from a trip to the Himalayas, the birthplace of the river Ganga and on the occasion of World Water Day, I take the opportunity to write about the river Ganga, the life-giving Mother of India.

Nature and spirituality in South India

October is not a fallen month in South India. Unlike in temperate lands, there is no surrendering of the leaves first to non-verdant hues and eventually to the ground. The trees don’t avert their gaze like they do in Paris in autumn, embarrassed by their state of undress

India travel: a lesson from Delhi’s streets

India is a land of contradictions. The new and ancient, the rich and poor and the beautiful and ugly are all tossed up together in a vibrant mix that sometimes makes you gasp in awe and sometimes cringe. After many years of living in Europe, I find myself viewing India with very different eyes when I…

An expat in Paris: top 3 loves and hates

You know you’ve been in Paris long enough when some or all of the following are true for you: 1. You mentally pronounce new words that you come across, in a French accent and this is a completely involuntary reflex; 2. You are addicted to bread and find it hard to have a meal without it; 3. You…

An expat in Paris: the best things in life are free

Ah Paris…The very word conjures up images of romantic walks by the Seine, magical views of the Eiffel tower, decadent designer wear and luxurious food and wine. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, there is no shortage of guide books and itineraries of every genre and flavour. But if you care…

From Paris with ‘AUM’: my experience of the globalisation of yoga

After 3 years in Paris, one is generally expected to be dripping with the smugness that comes from being able to correctly pronounce ‘Champs Elysees’, to rattle off a dozen cheese names without a pause, to wear simple dark t-shirts costing a small fortune and if one has lived sincerely, to even smell of macarons…