Category: Musings

  • Tiger Stripes of Virtue and Sin

    Is shunning sin and clinging to virtue a sure way to reach the Divine or is that way too simplistic thinking? IS it possible that virtue can be more binding than vice? Ganesh Varadharajan explores, drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo.

  • Indian Monk Says to Rise Above Thought and Reason (Swami Vivekananda)

    Are there limits to our reason or is reason all we must rely on? Swami Vivekanda said: "The really difficult part to understand is that this state, the Absolute, which has been called the highest, is not, as some fear, that of the zoophite, or of the stone. That would be a dangerous thing to think. According to these thinkers there are only two states of existence, one of the stone, and the other of thought. What right have they to limit existence to these two? Is there not something infinitely superior to thought?" Read more in the article.

  • Be Simple

    “One must be spontaneous in order to be divine. One must be perfectly simple in order to be spontaneous. One must be absolutely sincere in order to be perfectly simple. To be absolutely sincere is not to have any division, any contradiction in one’s being.”

  • Attention! You’re Better than a Goldfish (Busting the Attention Span Myth)

    Newsletter #4. Are our attention spans really deteriorating or is there just too much content on the internet and an incentive for the internet giants to promote marketing activity? From a spiritual perspective, one might ask, who watches attention? How do we know that our attention is wandering? Obviously because something within us watches/witnesses attention and inattention. What is that? Are we not identifying with the wrong thing when we feel that we’re drifting when really it’s our attention that’s drifting? If we can observe our attention, then we’re not the attention but attention is just a tool we possess – a very intimate and powerful tool.

  • Social Media in a Spiritual Context

    ‘Spirituality’ and ‘social media’ are two words that don’t naturally sit well together for most people. In fact they would more likely be used in the same sentence only to point out the inverse relationship between the two in terms of popularity. But I’m here to put forth a very different view. I believe that social media, while it has wreaked havoc on human minds in many ways, also holds the potential to facilitate our spiritual evolution. Here’s why.

  • Be original, truly

    Reflecting on what got me into exploring spirituality, one important aspect was not being able to take as a given, most 'conventional wisdom' doing the rounds. You know the witty poster quotations and the inspirational one-liners or often two-word-ers like 'love yourself', 'be original', yada, yada. Instead of readily accepting these exhortations, I wanted to know why? And moreover, I was a little annoyed at having to take advice from other people in the sense of, why don't I know these things myself? This kind of questioning led me into a deeper understanding of human life and purpose. In this post, I want to discuss one of the flighty aphorisms that many of us have grown up with and which, perhaps as in my case, makes you think of a sports-wear advertisement : 'be original'. But instead of taking its casual, up-front meaning, I want to explore a more spiritual dimension.